Meeting Nu’est

Meeting NU’EST (24/8/2012)

So Nu’EST were down under hanging out with what they thought would be roaming koalas & kangaroos but instead were welcomed with Sydney weather having PMS. [For those who don’t get the reference, when they arrived in the morning it was warm & sunny but by afternoon, cold, wet & windy. :( ].

They were here to judge the Kpop Dance Cover contest which my dance crew, K-netics, were participating in. Ironically, the competition was on our home turf, the UNSW Science Theatre, right next door to the building where my crew would usually practice. Talk about convenience :). During the competition, it was cool to see them popping in and out every now and then backstage, especially cuz their dressing room was next door to ours, ㅋㅋ. Other than, of course, the honour of performing for them, some other (quite Aron related) highlights of the night include:

Nu’est judges table

My dance crew, K-netics, performing. I’m the 3rd from the right.

Dancing to Lucifer :)

Aron’s bathroom adventure

After our performance (K-netics were the first to perform for the dance segment), I snuck out to huddle near the theatre doors to watch the other performances. Halfway through, Aron needed to go to the bathroom. He was fumbling his way out of the Science Theatre and…ended up stepping on my legs. -_- Cuz it was dark, I didn’t even realise it was a kpop idol trying to get out until I heard screams and light reflections off his glittery vest.

Upon returning, thankfully he avoided my legs but I was so tempted to grab HIS legs, which brushed past me as he walked through, as a little payback. But I didn’t, so don’t worry L.O.Λ.E.’s. Aron then went to squat against the wall about 2 metres away from me. His manager, who was closer to me, also tried to Asian-squat against the wall but didn’t realise it wasn’t actually the wall but in fact the theatre doors. Thus falling backwards on his behind, LOL *facepalm*

They were both embarrassed after that so Aron just ran back to his seat as fast as he could like Roadrunner (cwidt).

Aron squatting against the wall.

Sharing a little story from my fellow crew member, Norman, who saw him backstage:

Nothing beats seeing Aron from Nu’est running out from the theatre holding his own ass going “Where’s the bathroom!? WHERE’S THE BATHROOM!?” while the staff are pointing at the male toilet sign XD. After Aron came out of the toilet, I was passing by and there was this awkward silence between me, him and the manager. We both smiled awkwardly at each other and I asked, “Haechanayo?” and he was like, “Yeah.” And we were all laughing XDD~”.

Aron’s heart ♥ & hug

At the end, when the contestants were taking pics with Nu’est , I did a heart hand sign with Aron and even got a hug. Even though I acted and appeared to be calm, it was the closest I’d ever been to a male kpop celeb so I was fangirling like crazy inside =P To be honest, seeing him upclose his skin wasn’t in the best condition. He’s got pimples like a normal teenager, even though its been covered with makeup. They were all sweating heaps but he was super nice and friendly! He kinda reminds me of Kevin from U-Kiss.

Making a heart with Aron ♥

Hearting with Aron. haha at Johnny’s (caucasian guy behind me) expression!

Hug with Aron!

Nu’est performing

The bad thing about being a contestant meant we couldn’t see Nu’est perform from the front. The organisers told us to stay backstage so we’d be ready to come back onstage after Nu’est performed. Basically we couldn’t see much, except their lower halves (ie. white pants & boots) :(

Prior the competition, I actually didn’t know much about Nu’est. I’d heard Face a lot cuz of friends playing it but I’d never seen their faces or their performances before. After hearing more of their songs and seeing them in real life, I think I’ve now been converted to a L.O.Λ.E.


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