Meeting Julian (Beauty & the Geek)

Bumping into Julian (Beauty & the Geek)

On the bus back to UNSW from the Careers Expo, I bumped into Julian from Beauty & the Geek Australia (season 3) and we ended up chatting. He’s a super-friendly and awesome person to talk to =D. I even introduced him to Kpop, telling him about Girls Generation and KpopSoc. Although he told me he’s more into classical music than pop, who knows, one day he might decide to try something different and convert to kpop. =P

With Julian on the bus.

Who knew nerd culture was so big at UNSW? Currently there are three ‘geeks’ at UNSW (including Julian) and some of his friends have been on the Aussie show Nerd FC. In case anyone’s interested, applications for season 4 of Beauty & the Geek Australia are now open. mm…should I apply to be the next geek from UNSW?

Julian’s signature.
“sell, sell, sell?!”, is he forecasting my marketing future?


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