Meeting Miss A’s Jia

Meeting Jia – Peppero day 2011 (11/11/11)

So after going to the airport, I decided to go home to try get some sleep. Didn’t quite work out cuz I was still too jittery from my Onew experience (see fanaccount here).  I was contemplating whether or not to go to the Kpop Fest. rehearsal at ANZ stadium cuz I didn’t buy rehearsal tickets (they were $200 & only for the first 50 people who signed up for it) but I knew it started at 4pm. I thought I probably should go anyway to check out the venue and see where the gates and toilets are to make sure I don’t get lost on Saturday.


By the time I got there, it was already 4:30pm so I assumed the rehearsal people had already gone in and that rehearsal had started. I found out later that they weren’t even checking for tickets and people who didn’t buy the $200 rehearsal ticket were able to get in! I talked to one of the people who came out after the rehearsal and apparently they couldn’t see SHINee (they were let in late) or TVXQ (got kicked out before TVXQ performed). Mmm…maybe SM doesn’t like people watching their artists rehearse. I’m glad I didn’t buy the rehearsal tix cuz I wouldn’t have been able to see my bias groups, SHINee or TVXQ, so it really wouldn’t have been worth it for me. I probably could’ve snuck in to see the rehearsal but I’m glad I didn’t cuz then THIS wouldn’t have happened.

The encounter

So, after walking around and having found my gate and the toilets, I decided to sit outside the ANZ stadium and just chill in the shade to the sounds of live kpop performances. Even though I couldn’t see them, I could definitely hear them, my god their voices are so amazing ~ I heard Beyonce’s Halo & Kylie’s Outta My Head so I knew those were gonna be special stages. Poor Homin (TVXQ), their mikes weren’t working properly so they had to keep restarting.

In the distance, i saw a group of people approaching from the Novotel direction but i couldn’t tell who they were since most of them were decked out in black with hoodies and sunnies on. I thought they must be back-up dancers or make-up artists but then they started staring at me, which I thought was a bit weird. They then walked towards me, right up close to where I’m sitting. To be polite, I greeted them and said “Anyeong haseyo” while bowing my head and they all replied “Anyeong haseyo” back, bowing their heads back at me. By this time, I could see them more upclose and then I realise they’re….


Jia wasn’t walking as fast as the others so I decided to pluck up my courage and go up to her to ask for an autograph. I said in Korean “Sorry to disturb you, please excuse me, but can I ask for an autograph?”. Luckily she understood me & agreed, giving her McDonalds drink to her manager (Miss A had obviously just come back from having Maccas near Novotel) so her hands were free to sign.

Jia’s autograph

To make conversation, i dunno why but i was asking her stupid things like ‘are you chinese’ in mandarin and then she replied ‘yes’ in mandarin. I didn’t know what to say and I was a bit starstruck. When i asked if i could take a picture, the manager was like ‘no, sorry’ (he was quite nice about it though) but then i was like just one, so then they let me. :)  I was the only fan there so I think they didn’t feel as reluctant to allow me a photo & sig.

Photo with Jia

After that, I didn’t want to disturb them anymore so I said “Gamsa hamnida”, Thank You in Korean, and bowed. They said Thank You back and bowed (soo polite!) and went back to strolling around outside the stadium. I just let them be and didn’t follow them so they could continue enjoying themselves. I wasn’t gonna record them but as they were walking away, Jia started bopping around to B2ST’s Beautiful, which I thought was cute so I recorded a bit of it. I was a bit late in getting out my Ipod Nano (the only thing I had on me) so I missed some of it, the lighting went weird and I couldn’t zoom. (Note to self: Next time, bring a proper camera!).

Here’s my vid of it (note: the other 3 in black are the other Miss A members and the guy on the left is their manager):

Just realised I conversed with them in Korean, Chinese & English, lol. The funny thing was that during the actual concert, Jia happened to stand in front of my section [Standing VIP 1] and around where I was standing too. She recognised me and even pointed to me whilst waving to the crowd. =D

My fanvid of her solo performance:


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