Onew’s Present!

Meeting Kpop Idols at the Airport, 2011 Peppero Day (11/11/11)

I got to Sydney International Airport at around 8am and it was such a last minute decision to go.  I had exams everyday straight for the past 3 days so I was suffering from the intense cramming and a build up of sleepless nights.  I wasn’t even gonna go cuz I was so tired but I decided I might as well anyway.  I’m so glad I made that decision.  Getting up early was so worth it.

By the time I got there, there were already heaps of people. Apparently some had been waiting there since 5am!! I stayed closer to the exit cuz there were heaps of people at the front of the walkway and I didn’t wanna get crammed in with them. Once the kpop idols started coming out, pretty much on time at around 8:20am, everyone started pushing towards the exit to follow them but then I ended up getting pushed closer to the idols, lol. My bias, SHINee’s Onew, was less than a foot in front of me when I called out ‘ONEW!’ and he turned around!! I was so shocked that he actually heard me amongst the intense screaming of the fans. He looked at me and was like ‘Yes?’ and so I quickly stuck out my hand holding the fangift and said ‘Yogi, which means ‘here’ in Korean.

My present for Onew.

Despite my limited Korean, he obviously knew what I meant (and that the present was meant for him to take) and he said ‘Komowayo!’ (‘thank you’ in Korean) which was soooo cuttee. He then grabbed my hand to take the present! =D Upclose, despite having no makeup on, he looked sooo handsome (unlike Key, who I think looks better with makeup, sorry Lockets) and ONEW’s smile was to die for. Those few seconds when we made eye contact and he talked to me, I was deliriously happy (partially also delirious from lack of sleep).

Key was a bit behind the SHINee members, so I managed to say ‘Hello’ to him on the way out of the airport as well. He was nice enough to look to the side (where I was) while he was walking and replied back with ‘Hi’.  I then asked him ‘How are you?’ and he said ‘Good’. Admittedly, I thought he was a bit intimidating and he really has that celebrity air around him (but maybe he was just shy) so it was a bit awkward and I didn’t know what else to say so I stopped walking along with him and went to see the other kpop groups. I wish I had brought a fangift for him as well to help ease the awkwardness a bit.

Key was a lot taller than I’d imagined (but maybe he was wearing shoe lifts, lol) and Jjong was actually a lot shorter than I’d imagined too, I didn’t think he would be shorter than me.  Jjong was all smiley and (puppy) happy. I think he was surprised that there were so many fans at the airport or maybe he was just excited to come to Sydney when he wasn’t able to back in January for the Korea-Australia Friendship Concert. TVXQ had really serious expressions but they were probably just tired from the long flight. By the way, Yunho is soo incredibly good-looking.

Onew peeking at what’s inside.
(♫ oh, i’m so curious, yeeeahhh!!.. ♫)

Anyway, it was really nice of Onew to turn around to look back at me and to say thank you. I saw some fans who tried to give the other idols presents as well but they got ignored or if the idol did take the present, they didn’t even bother to say thank you. They’d just take it and continue walking. I was so happy that i was able to personally hand him the present, even though it was such a last minute decision to get him something. I bought the boxers literally the night before cuz I happened to see that Myer were having a 3-day sale…and the Asian in me couldn’t resist. I can’t believe I was able to make direct eye contact and hand contact with him. =D.  Although, it was a shame that afterwards i had to go to the toilet, so I washed my hands pretty much straight away.

It was such an incredible and rare experience to be in such close proximity to my ideal celebrity guy so for my first fangift and kpop celebrity airport experience, I couldn’t believe my luck!

Update: Compiled other fans’ videos of my experience. Enjoy! :)


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