Meeting the SBS PopAsia Crew

SBS PopAsia came out for the Campsie Food Festival where they ran some fun kpop games. eg. Guess The Song. I guessed SHINee’s Replay (easy as! Only heard 2 secs of it.) and got a nice gift bag. Also got to chat a bit with Jamaica and Megamatt, telling them about KpopSoc.  =)

With Jamaica & The Boss
(Photo source: SBS PopAsia)

Winning a prize pack!
(Photo source: SBS PopAsia)

After chatting with them, they asked if they could interview me for their radio show, which of course I was more than happy to do! Seeing as I’d never done a radio interview before, it was a pretty fun and exciting experience for me.  I can tell you it’s very strange to hear yourself on the radio, I swear my voice isn’t that high! Although Kpopsoc only started 2 months ago, i thought why not make use of the free PR? Getting Kpopsoc not only riding the Hallyu Wave but also the radio waves. :)

Couldn’t agree more.

Thanks for the encouragement, Cyber Sy!


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